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Boynton Beach Concrete Coatings

Do you need a Boynton Beach floor coating solution for your basement, garage, or other space? Don’t give in to the temptation to give the job to the lowest bidder. Sure, we get it; saving money is important, but our award-winning Penntek products were developed by former contractors who were tired of offering their customers only inferior or overpriced products.

So what’s the bottom line? 24 Hour Floor’s concrete coating solutions give you the best value for your money, and longevity you just won’t get from bargain-basement priced products. We do all we can to keep our prices competitive, but never—never—at the expense of quality. You’ll get exceptional, competitively priced Boynton Beach coating solutions from the team at 24 Hour Floor.

Proof That Style and Strength Are Not Mutually Exclusive

You want a flooring solution that looks great, but a concrete coating also needs to be durable. So, what will you choose? A beautiful floor? Or one that offers the performance you need? Here’s the good news: With our exceptional products, you don’t have to choose. Our floor coating solutions provide:


  • Eye-catching style and many color options, including custom shades
  • Extreme adhesion that will last even in extreme temperatures
  • Abrasion- and stain-resistant coatings
  • UV stability
  • Slip resistant surfaces for enhanced safety
  • Industry-leading warranties


If it seems like our Boynton Beach floor coatings have it all, that’s because they do. Does it sound like we’re bragging? Is it still bragging if it’s true? The fact is, we don’t have to toot our own horn! Take a look at our customer reviews to see what others have said about our premium products.

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